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lemon is a present day, crime and city roleplay centered around a web of conspiracy, betrayal and a bizarre murder. some have been trapped in the lies - joining gangs, runaway juries and taking bribes - but most are just trying to get out or stay alive.
won bo ram
alias kc.
pronouns they/them.
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age 27.
occupation escort.
hometown Daegu, South Korea.
sexuality pansexual.
status promiscuous.
face claim stephanie lee.
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tw: child abuse, child prostitution, drug abuse

boram aka bonnie

mother was no good. never was. never could be, and so the trajectory of their lives seemed meant to be, like an honest parallel. mother was sick. always sick. but really it was addiction. she was addicted to too many things and offered her body to too many men. she loved her child. or she loved her enough to get mostly clean. they lived in a tiny shoebox apartment with no rooms but the bathroom, and two other women and one other child. it was cramped but this was the sort of world bo ram knew.

drug addiction took her mother. it hollowed her out into an angry zombie. mother's pimp came around often because she squandered the money on drugs before he could get his cut. it was routine. whenever he came he would bring food and a toy, a teddy bear or tea set, things of that nature. she doesn't remember when he first touched her, only that it was a part of their routine. she would take the present. she would hug him. he would touch her. and then it became more and more. it seemed at first that he was grooming her right under her mother's nose but it was evident later that her mother was willfully looking away. they both had to eat and live. all they had to give the world was their body.

at 8 she was adopted by her pimp, a man who outside of his prostitution ring was an established member of the community, seemingly up & up in all regards. he was also a jopok member. her mother was no longer a part of her life. in fact, she doesn't remember when she last saw her. she only remembers the band around her forearm and crazed look in her eyes. bo ram started prostitution before puberty, at 12. her clients were wealthy. that's when she knew money was attached to evil. she became a member of her pimp's jopok and her work largely surrounded the nature of their work, though her new father never openly admitted it to either parties. it was his secret. they all knew he had a prostitution ring but didn't realize that his younger girls weren't 16 or 17 but far younger.

she remembers crying and breaking down when she had her first period. she thought she was dying. he just laughed at her and told her to wash up and that she wouldn't work for a while. bo ram was a prostitute for years. at age 18, she began working as a hostess at one of the twin knives' member's club. aside from her body, most of her work was of the intel and clandestine dealings, whether it be delivering, picking up, or finding information. as she became more useful in that area, the pimp no longer forced her to work. she was 20. her job as a hostess then doubled into the escort world, which seemingly overlapped with her history of prostitution.

she was slow to understand at first that her work as an escort didn't always mean sexual services. some of her clients were strictly non-sexual. some wanted more than they paid for. that's when she learned the beneficial side of money. value. worth. transaction. years of dealing in a world of transactions and manipulation helped to shape her into the shell. she is now driven by anything, anything that makes her feel something more than numbness. even if it's dangerous. she's desperate to feel something.

## aka THE ###

in the escort/prostitution world, she's known as bonnie. Bonnie and Clyde (1967) was the first movie she remember seeing and it's one she watches repeatedly, with a rare expression of genuine awe. she was never allowed a childhood and it's clear as day.

there's a lot to bo ram. she's deeply troubled and balances a frail mental health. she's likely bipolar but is too self-medicated for anyone to give an educated guess. her moments of self-arm are typically externally expressed through dangerous and reckless behavior, which ultimately make her seem more volatile than wounded. she has a strong sense of control in most moments, but has a hostile, aggressive, and angry streak that'll slice you open. it's unusual given how complicit she seems, but it should be noted that she's more ambivalent and apathetic than weak. she's self taught, and as such, lacks in certain areas, but has learned a great deal from those around her.

she's a sponge for knowledge, and greedily absorbs information as if its sunlight and she's a plant that was hidden away in the dark. she was never interested in school and any thoughts are deeply playful folly, but a part of her has always wanted to sit in a classroom with school supplies. she isn't made out for that world. she's educated in the streets and in human behavior. human weakness. she reads people well and most mistakes in doing so are pitifully intentioned. the world is too dark for her and at times she takes reprieve through ignorance.

she's a restless woman with a habit for lying and stealing often in the very same breath, and usually with an impeccable and scary level of skill and precision. despite seeming rather hardened, she has warped areas of her personality. she's not easily afraid but she does struggle with nightmares or flashbacks, typically of her mother, or of some of her worst clients. though she's worked as a prostitute or escort for most of her life, there were forceful, dangerous clients who assaulted her in a number of ways. her reaction typically ranges from blind rage to freezing up in fear. there's no calm or middle ground.

her flashbacks or nightmares on those experiences are debilitating. she doesn't believe in her own worth or value as a person, but as a physical body, a piece of flesh, a proficient weapon. Though drug use isn't something she's interested in (of everything else in life, she ties it to her mother and it represents complete and utter weakness to her), she uses sex and alcohol to medicate or mitigate her darkest, most volatile moments. She often projects onto others, and has on occasion attached herself to someone out of a need to connect emotionally.

if there is a spark, or someone who she's interested in even for just a moment, then she rides that wave. she can be possessive and clingy, intrusive and obsessive. she's capable of deep, volatile passion and blind devotion, but be forewarned that it doesn't last very long. people disappoint her easily, and for the most part they serve as a high for her. she's not easy to read except when she's angry, and that's typically when you should probably avoid her wrath. she's not very stable.

she has a strong sense of humor and is quite comical. she isn't always serious, but she does employ a bunch of deadpan humor. she's naturally seductive and flirtatious and barely means it - though 'natural' really means that it's something that was stitched into her and is now her default. she's a cynical, sarcastic, witty woman who is gifted in conversations and has a natural charm and charisma about her, even when she's not anywhere near attracted or interested in those around her. she doesn't feed off attention. she prefers to exist in the background, but she's not someone who easily blends into crowds for very long.

notes - apathetic, cold, intense, sarcastic, funny, sensual, disloyal, mercurial, vicious, severe, manipulative, secretive, street-smart, resourceful, vengeful, bored

- likes old movies, music, hosting, the radio, yoon hae in (one sided 'love'), sex, cold men/women,

- dislikes being kissed, pink, drugs (you're weak), sex, intimacy, clients who get too attached, when people touch what's hers - even if it's hers for a moment,

- hobbies/activities/skills she's an amazing singer but it's not something she shares with anyone. music is for her.