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lemon is a present day, crime and city roleplay centered around a web of conspiracy, betrayal and a bizarre murder. some have been trapped in the lies - joining gangs, runaway juries and taking bribes - but most are just trying to get out or stay alive.
lee tae hyung
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-he was three and had realy bad colds that he wasn't sent over to daycare for a couple of days. instead mom had dad bring him to work to show him what dad did for a living. for two days he sat beside his father, intently looking at the letters in the monitor over his shoulder. at this age, tae already spoke in full sentences and asked very amusing questions. in those two days, dad spent most of them teaching tae his work

-he was brought to a clinic at age four. the lady in white asked him many questions which he answered promptly, given the promise of his chocolate drink as reward after the questions. later on mom cried but had a smile on her face and hugged him really tight. when they got home mom told dad something, which made him pinch tae's cheeks and hug him too. Dad also promised him all the choco drinks he'd love to have. two days after that, tae was pulled out of the daycare center and was brought to the "big kid's school". he lasted for three days before he came crying home and demanded to stay with soo-ah instead

-at six, tae was already competing in programming competitions against people older than him. dad had completely pulled him out from school and instead hired tutors for him. sometimes, tae would run off and sneak into soo-ah's school or go to the old lady's bookstore across her school and play with the small arcade game there while he waited for his twin. dad would come to pick them both up with a frown, but he'll buy the twins chocolate drinks anyway

-he was eight and one of his tutors had him join a programming competetion against people twice or thrice his age. his tutor drove him to the competition site to register first as his parents still had to pick up soo-ah from school. he was a little worried when his parents and soo-ah didn't show up in the opening ceremonies. he was more than worried when the awarding ceremony had finished and they still weren't there. then, he held his gold trophy agaist his body while he cried buckets of tears as he sat in the backseat of his tutor's car. they were on their way to the hospital where his parents and soo-ah were.

-reporters and joirnalists flocked him, tragedy befalls young computer genius would be the headlines a day after his competition. a kind lady sat with him at the wake of his parents and he would just cry. every night for three nights, she took him to a place where other kids without parents lived. every night for three nights, he would sneak out to run to the hospital where soo-ah was sleeping.

-they were both almost nine when they were brought to a bigger orphanage. soo-ah was too quiet, almost like a mute, and tae would cause trouble whenever some adult couple would come to meet him or soo-ah. he knew they plan to separate them. he knew they didn't like soo-ah because she was injured.

-he was ten, when he first tried to hack an ATM. tae had taken soo-ah with him and they ran away from the orphanage and hid in the streets or in dilapitated buildings. he was so hungry and so pale and soo-ah was in pain because she didn't have medicine. he was ten when he first held wads of cash more than he could hold in both of his small hands. he was ten when he had to run for his life because adults were after him and the money he took

-they were eleven when an adult finally allowed them to buy a room in a dingy apartment and took money from him monthly without asking questions. tae knew the adult asked for twice more than the supposed price of the place but it was okay. they have to have a roof over their heads because soo-ah was getting sick from sleeping off the streets.

-they were twelve when he was finally able to save enough for two laptops so that he could teach soo-ah his skills. so that she wasn't always too quiet and frowning. in six months, they discovered how to successfully buy stuff online so that tae wouldn't need to leave the apartment.

-they were fourteen when they did their first job together. after that, they had enough money to move to another place. they chose to stay in hotels this time, pretending to be kids of chaebols and demanding this and that. it was easier to hack into credit card accounts through email and delete cctv footages than dodge questions as to why they had too much cash on them.

-they were both sixteen when they got tired of bouncing from hotel rooms to the next. it was easier to rent another apartment with space enough for the two of them, without arousing the adult's curiosity. by this time they were already known in the cyberworld as moonlight and starlight. tae would often entertain himself by trolling people on online boards by hacking into their laptops and giving them cryptic messages and photos of themselves taken by their own laptop camera.

-tae was nineteen when he committed the dumbest mistake of his entire life. In preparation for their upcoming birthday, he went out to buy jewellry for soo-ah and paid with the wrong credit card. as soon as his card was swiped, it had raised a red flag of the police cyber crime unit and in ten minutes, cops swarmed the mall. it was with great effort that he managed to run away before they were able to nab him. back home to soo-ah, he burned and deleted everything with a kill-switch and ran off with her to daegu. he specifically went there because he knew that was where lbtt was and he knew lbtt would help them.

-nowadays, he would only touch a keyboard or a laptop when he's teaching the other kids something or if it was of great emergency or only when soo-ah was ready to bite his head off. otherwise, he just sleeps or listen to music and drink chocolate the whole day. sometimes, tae still beats himself up for ruining their good life in seoul. mostly, he's happy to think that there are more people to look after and make soo-ah smile more often.