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lemon is a present day, crime and city roleplay centered around a web of conspiracy, betrayal and a bizarre murder. some have been trapped in the lies - joining gangs, runaway juries and taking bribes - but most are just trying to get out or stay alive.
samuel jung
alias yaya.
pronouns she/her.
status Offline.
joined 19-April 18.
last seen Today at 10:48 am.
. group jopok.
age 25.
occupation escort & spy.
hometown chicago, illinois.
sexuality pansexual.
status single.
face claim min yoongi (suga).
points 345.
tw: violence; murder; underage sex

they should have stayed in chicago. that was the subtitle on a news article about a couple found gutted in a parking lot with two car seats in the back seat. only one child was found wearing an id bracelet with the name 'samuel' and holding another with the name eric.

the little boy only three would not speak to police officers that located him six blocks from the scene barefoot, soaked in blood. with a believed to be mute child as the only witness to the murder the case would go cold, as would the search for the other child that had been in the car.

only from the plane stubs in the car did the police know the family had come from chicago. the jungs visiting family in daegu. that family didn't want the little boy so he was sent to an orphanage where every potential parent was put off by his cold stare and lack of speech.

the only one not frightened by a child was a man with a poor reputation himself. he'd had a similar beginning, unwanted and thrown away so he often visited the orphan after taking care of a job for some soul cleansing. problem was most of the kids were scared to approach him but not sam. the little boy sat quietly next to him on his first visit. intrigued by the little boy the man kept coming to see sam until he decided he would adopt him.

rather than going through proper channels he paid off an employee to make the paper work legit. his house wasn't exactly kid friendly and neither did he have knowledge of how to raise a kid. it was all guess work. he knew enough that he had to get clothes for sam so took the boy shopping with him.

sam picked out clothes from the girl's section. his new father didn't see the big deal in it so bought the clothes. that defined the relationship between the two of them. sam doing whatever he pleased and his father making sure it wasn't going to cause him any harm. considering he brought sam with him to meet with bad people he had an odd way of protecting him.

he was at times left alone with unsavory people that had no issue speaking their minds when only the little boy in a dress was there to listen. as far as everyone knew sam was mute but at the end of the day he'd repeat much of what he heard to his father. some times the information was worthwhile but other times it was just pointless complaints, sam was too young to differentiate.

realizing people didn't see the threat of the little boy he began to teach him what to listen for, how to read body language and sending him off to meet with people of interest. the worry that someone might catch on had sam taught how to fight as well.

he couldn't be with sam all the time so left sam in the care of a female associate. while sam's father was teaching him how to fend for himself and read people that woman was teaching him other skills. under her careful tutoring he learned how to satisfy others with his body. the woman saw it as a bonus that sam identified as neither gender so comfortably could pass as either.

sam's first job was with the woman present, chatting up a group of men in a private drinking room. there was no plan for it to go further but sam felt more information could be gathered. sam learned people were even more loose lipped in the middle of sex.

when he brought the information to his father the man wasn't as impressed. he didn't like the idea of sam using his body like that and being in a dangerous position. the concern was unwarranted though as the man taught him well enough to protect himself.

it didn't stop him from being concerned when sam started to identify as gender fluid, no longer answering to samuel or the korean name young hwan their father had given them. sam didn't see themselves as male or female but some cross between the two. that affected their sexuality too. the gender of their partners didn't bother them, sex was for work only anyway.

despite having been raised by the twin knives sam didn't consider themselves an official member till their late teen years. their loyalty is to their father who's loyal to the twin knives. all the work they do is to keep their father's standing in twin knives in a good place.