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lemon is a present day, crime and city roleplay centered around a web of conspiracy, betrayal and a bizarre murder. some have been trapped in the lies - joining gangs, runaway juries and taking bribes - but most are just trying to get out or stay alive.
celestyn nam
alias yaya.
pronouns she/ her.
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joined 19-April 18.
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. group jopok.
age 27.
occupation dancer & prostitute.
hometown paris, france.
sexuality bisexual.
status complicated.
face claim cha hakyeon (n).
points 405.
adelaide roux never wanted children but she wanted to keep her supposedly rich korean boyfriend. that was the only reason celestyn nam was born. adelaide try to get a ring on her finger due to the pregnancy but her boyfriend claimed he did not believe in marriage.

he didn't believe in stinking around to be a father either. he skipped town while adelaide was still pregnant but she believed he'd come back. he never did. adelaide wasn't cruel to celestyn but she didn't know how to be a mother. instead she treated her son like some accessory to take around.

being a ballet dancer she passed on (forced) her passion on celestyn. he was in tights from the momeht could walk, trained by his own mother and her many lovers. dancing was initially a burden for celes but he grew to enjoy it thanks to one of his mother's many lovers, that also became his first boyfriend.

at fifteen celes was easily manipulated by sweet words and gestures. he was aware his mother thought this man would marry her but that didn't stop him from sharing a bed with him. it wasn't until he moved in with him that he learned how cruel that other man was. he began to isolate celes, dictate the way he dressed and who he could spend time with.

he wanted him to quit at the ballet academy. it got physical when celes tried to leave to see his mother. the man broke his arm and blamed celes for making him do it. in the hospital celes was ready to reveal how he got the injury but his mother appeared to stop him. she'd heard the truth from her boyfriend and rather than trying to protect her son wanted him to keep pleasing her boyfriend.

celes had other plans. he went back home with the man as his mother instructed him to but that night when the man tried to sleep with him celes stabbed him in the gut. he didn't stick around to see the result, grabbing money and fleeing.

he knew better than to go to his mother but not enough to avoid dangerous men. he hooked up with a stranger at a bar and made himself at home at his place. when that man kicked him out he moved on to the next person. it went on that way for a few years until his mother tracked him down. she gave him money, a plane ticket to seoul and the address where his father lived.

there was no one to pick him up at the airport when he landed. he took a taxi to the place nam yong joon lived. his mother had told him to expect some bachelor pad but instead the taxi left him at a gated home on the outskirts of seoul. he was greeted at the door by a boy three years his junior and a woman who had no idea he existed.

nam yong joon didn't marry his mother because he was already married. seeing the opportunity celes waited around stating he was yong joon's cousin for his father to show up. they spoke alone, celes promising not to tell his father's wife and sons who he was if the man paid his living expenses and gave him a monthly allowance.

his blackmailing turned against him when he asked his father to pay for him to open up a night club. the man gave him the money but a month after the club opened men came into collect on his father's debts. he'd used not only celes' club to settle a gambling debt but celes as well. his debt forgiven in exchange for giving celes to the mob he owed money to.

he was put to work in the brothel along with some of his former club employees. the customers they were given weren't the kindest people but running away or saying no weren't options. the only time celes questioned his boss one of the younger guys who used to work for him disappeared.

he learned to manipulate the system instead by coming up with ideas that would make the boss more money. it started with doing more than just a quick fuck here and there for pay. they could entertain to get tips and attract more than the regulars. celes organized a cabaret peformance where potential clients could bid on a dancer to enjoy the night with.

he learned as well which clients could afford him some protection and got close to them. though it all changed when the boss died and his daughter took over. rather than manipulate clients he befriended her instead. so long as he keeps the madam happy he can live a peaceful life.