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lemon is a present day, crime and city roleplay centered around a web of conspiracy, betrayal and a bizarre murder. some have been trapped in the lies - joining gangs, runaway juries and taking bribes - but most are just trying to get out or stay alive.
jang hyun sik
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. group jopok.
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He was the second born child and only son to an aged politician and his young trophy wife. Both were from families involved in politics and like them, they expect their children to follow in their footsteps. Like other families in the same industry, his parents put in a lot of effort to show that they were the perfect family.

The earliest memory he could vividly remember was his mother striking his palms with a long thin stick. He was seven and he had committed a mistake during the public piano recital his parents have put him through. His mother scolded him for shaming their family with his incompetence and bewailed how he could fall short of the bar set by his older sister. For the first time in his life, Hyun Sik learned hate.

Fed up with the lie that their family was perfect and the pressure of keeping up with his parents' expectations, Hyun Sik ran away from home at eighteen years old. From childhood he had already known that he had no affinity to politics like the rest of his family, and that his heart lay on arts -- specifically to performing arts. With just a measly wad of cash in hand and non-existent street smarts, he thought it would only be sometime until his parents become worried and ask him to come home, and then later on warm up to the idea of him pursuing another career other than politics. He could never have been more wrong.

Gradually becoming penniless and uncomfortable in his newfound freedom, he made an acquaintance of a young woman who took him under her wing and helped him gain employment in Monarque. The transition from Prince to Pauper was hard for him, but for his dreams, Hyun Sik was willing to do everything. His employer was a young man as old as he was, a bit surprising but not entirely rare. Celes was a kind boss and Hyun Sik became hopeful that he would soon fulfill his own dreams. But it wasn't to happen in many years.

Monarque and it's employees were suddenly seized by a mob boss. Apparently, the real owner of the club was in huge debt and used the club and the added services to pay it off.

From bartender Hyun Sik was pushed to prostitute himself to pay off a debt he didn't even owe. He was justifiably indignant at first. It wasn't the first time he sold his time for some cash but he did it under the table at Monarque and he had a choice in his clients. It was difficult for him the first few years but he didn't and couldn't fight back. All he could do was tuck away his grievances, smile, do as the Boss bid and offer some sort of comfort to other people in the same situation as him. Until he discovered bdsm.

All the pent up anger and frustration over his helplessness at his situation came to a boiling point and made him lash out to a client. Yet instead of reporting him to the Boss, his client came back and asked for the same sort of service. She became his fist Mistress and she introduced him to BDSM. From that point on, everything became smooth sailing for Hyun Sik. His natural flair and affinity for performing made it possible for him to act as the perfect Dom. The feeling of having a semblance of control over his situation also gave him motivation and a certain calmness.

Not soon enough, their cruel boss hit the dirt and management changed, along with it more privileges for the workers. Hyun Sik was able to pay off his "debt" and save some amount to enroll himself into a university. He may be years late...but he believed he wasn't too late.