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lemon is a present day, crime and city roleplay centered around a web of conspiracy, betrayal and a bizarre murder. some have been trapped in the lies - joining gangs, runaway juries and taking bribes - but most are just trying to get out or stay alive.
leonidas mingzhi
alias kc.
pronouns they/them.
status Offline.
joined 1-May 18.
last seen Today at 10:41 am.
. group government.
age 35.
occupation police detective.
hometown taipei, taiwan.
sexuality heterosexual.
status single.
face claim godfrey gao.
points 0.


convenience. not love. it's the theme of leonidas' life. or whatever one hopes to call this. his origin story is simple. it started with an arranged marriage. it was productive, in so far as they were able to produce one child. one heir for the unlikely pair: li huiyin, a rigid businesswoman with no interest in romance, sex, or family, and edgar mingzhi, a chinese-american playboy heir with more bastards than legitimate children.

he was handed immediately to house servants, who became his caretakers, as well as his only friends. there was no parental bond and no familial connection, except with the caretakers at the mingzhi estate. he was privately tutored for ten years. despite the isolation from other children, he was never a social recluse, when he entered school, his mature but social demeanor made it easy for him to engage with others. while he was surrounded by a group, friendship was a rare occurrence. he preferred the company of adults.

after high school he attended princeton university in the united states and majored in international relations. he then completed graduate degrees in criminology and psychology in the uk at oxford university. leo's visits home were infrequent, and he only went to see the family that actually raised him. his parents finally divorced when he was 25. the workers at the home left the estate or were fired by his parents. no one lingered. he kept tabs and continued to visit them yearly,.

though he was expected to take over the family business, he showed no interest in the real estate firm. instead, leo joined the INTERPOL soon after completing his doctorate degree. initially his focus was on crimes against humanity, human trafficking, and organized crime, but he quickly focused in on cases related to human trafficking. Just a few years later, he moved to South Korea, with the intent on joining the National Intelligence Service (NIS). Instead he became an investigator in Daegu and joined a small taskforce that focuses on human trafficking, kidnaps, and forced labor. he's been in korea since the fall of 2017.

detective aka the robot

although technically well-mannered, leonidas is a private individual. he's charming and charismatic, and has a sharp sense of humor. he tends to be overtly serious and cautious. he's not trusting of others and has never shown much interest in socializing beyond the required basic list of work dinners. he's a confident, reliable man, despite his evasiveness. few people know much about him other than that he's well cultured and well versed.

in college, he worked as an interpreter and tutor. in total, he speaks 14 languages outside his native mandarin; spanish, french, italian, russian, german, english, japanese, korean, dutch, punjabi, hindi, bengali, urdu, arabic. he's well read and it's obvious from the way he speaks. he's formal, direct, and abrupt. while naturally charming, he's not a fan of wasting his time. he runs back and forth between hot and cold, and can be rather moody. he's not out of control and reckless. in fact, despite his grouchiness at times, he's painfully in control.

leo is a workaholic and declines breaks or vacations. his work is the most important thing to him, and he would prefer to help people through his diligence rather than joke and dally.

he's frustratingly composed and well rounded, in a way that's difficult to handle. friends find him reliable and loyal to a fault, ethical and diligent to a non-human level. even they will criticize him for being too serious and needing to let up. in the few moments between work-binges, his sense of humor and social skills are enough to captivate and work a crowd before he makes a hasty retreat.

although difficult to engage with, he's a great listener and advice giver. he's calm. the rare exceptions are usually tired to extremely high levels of stress and burden. he has a list of habits and tricks to diminish stress, so this is a rare occurrence. outbursts are rare but he has outstanding sarcasm and cynicism. and that makes up for his somewhat robotic persona. he's a clean freak and a habitual organizer. anyone who steps into his apartment will double check to look for proof that someone actually lives there. some people are suspicious of him and it's not entirely unwarranted. there are some things in his life that he keeps well hidden.

while he uses his work for good, he's not entirely trustful of the justice system or officials in regard to corruption and efficiency. his obsession with his job bleeds past the walls of the office. he's not a fan of red tape. beneath the calm surface is a deeply passionate and determined man with a strong sense of morals and ethics. he's difficult to approach, difficult to get to know, and just plain difficult. most wait for human moments or emotion, but true friends pick up on the nuances of his behavior. he's not the emotionless, dark, serious robot people call him.

he has a calling. a mission! if he's known for anything else outside of his nickname 'The Robot', then it's his persistence. he's relentless. if you're out there and you're missing/held captive, he'll find you.


- likes coffee, work, convenience store food, noodles, rice, crossword puzzles, work, tea, beer, the elderly, children, maps, books / reading, his microwave, tv dinners, silence, classical music, jazz music, blues, folk music, folk stories, art, museums, walking, jogging, protecting, saving,

- dislikes tv, invaded personal space, disorder, uncleanliness, noise, parties/dinners, birthdays, events, sweets, idleness, being pulled away from work, singing (he's good), cooking (he's terrible), dancing (he's good), smoking (trying to quit), filing reports, being on small cases outside of his interest (happens too often), criminals, bullies, cowards, unkempt people.

- habits, skills, or hobbies reading lips, languages, sign language, martial arts, shooting, brief banter with service people (more so than coworkers tbh), shooting practice, gym, reading, puzzles, decoding, hacking, origami, card games, card tricks