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lemon is a present day, crime and city roleplay centered around a web of conspiracy, betrayal and a bizarre murder. some have been trapped in the lies - joining gangs, runaway juries and taking bribes - but most are just trying to get out or stay alive.
gabriel jeon
alias loki.
pronouns she/ her.
status Offline.
joined 1-May 18.
last seen Today at 10:42 am.
. group bystander.
age 22.
occupation hotel housekeeper.
hometown manhattan borough, new york.
sexuality other.
status single.
face claim park jimin.
points 160.
full name gabriel alexander jeon

korean name jeon seung hyun

nicknames gabe, gabby, alex, mochi, tiny, dumpling

birthdate october 13th, 1995 (libra / pig)

birthplace new york city, new york (manhattan borough)

physical 175 cm (5'9") / 61 kg (134 lbs) / blood type a pos

birth a mistake, that's what both his parents saw him as. his father was part of the jopok and his mother a prostitute. neither wanted to raise him in that life. they considered abortion, believing he'd be better off not existing at all but neither could bring themselves to go through with it. his father had an adopted child already and witnessed how the gang was changing him. so young and already so vicious.

they pooled together money and gabriel's mother made the move to new york city. she gave birth to gabriel there. she found work in a beauty salon, often bringing the baby with her to work. gabriel was practically raised by the five women that worked there.

growing up his childhood didn't have any altering events. he was a happy boy with many people who loved him and a mother that worked hard to support him. he inherited that hard worker ethic. he had his first job, off the books, when he was thirteen stocking shelves in a koreatown bookstore.

he met plenty of tourists working there and developed an interest in traveling. it would be a difficult interest to follow with he and his mother only making enough to live on. knowing they wouldn't ever be able to afford trips he instead worked hard in school, aiming to get a college scholarship to an overseas school. he saved small amounts from each job he had in his teen years as well.

revelation in his last year of high school his mother became ill. all the money he'd managed to save up for his travels was spent on her medical bills but her health continued to decline. they both knew she wasn't going to make it but gabriel refused to accept it. he decided to put off university in order to work so his mother could continue to receive treatment.

she didn't agree with that and called up his father. she wanted to die where she had been born, busan. gabriel's father wired the money they would need for two plane tickets and a week stay at a busan hotel. gabriel was left believing the trip was so his mother could enter an experimental treatment trial that had seen good results.

it wasn't long before he realized that wasn't true. a short but strong man came to see them on the third night in busan. gabriel could see his resemblance to him but didn't want to accept the truth. his mother pushed him to have a relationship with his father, making him promise that they wouldn't be alone after she was gone.

his mother died in her sleep leaving gabriel with a man he had never known. making up for lost time wasn't going to be easy and gabriel wasn't willing to try. his father wasn't either, he thought it better gabriel stay as far from him as possible. their only contact is the monthly envelop of money they appears in gabriel's mail box.

the money helped him survive and attend university but he didn't want to be dependent on his father forever. gabriel got himself a housekeeping job at a hotel, it was the best thing he could do will still attending school. he's studying early childhood education with intent to become a kindergarten teacher.