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lemon is a present day, crime and city roleplay centered around a web of conspiracy, betrayal and a bizarre murder. some have been trapped in the lies - joining gangs, runaway juries and taking bribes - but most are just trying to get out or stay alive.
baek joon ha
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that's how she'll remember you; freshly ironed uniform pressed against your chest as you wave goodbye at the gates of the police academy.

and this is how you'll remember her: drenched in her own shade of scarlet, an arm lifeless and limp as it dangles off the edge of the hospital stretcher.


joon ha once aspired to be a police officer like his father had been before him, dressed in blue and white and changing the world by learning to protect it. his fate had been decided far before he had his grips on it. joon ha and his friends played games around the neighbourhood where they would take turns being the heroic officer to shoot down the evil-doer, ridding the streets of crime.

much to his family's delight, joon ha passed his exams with flying colours and was soon off to the police academy, just as he had planned. finally donned in blue, it felt as though nothing would ever harm him - so long as there was justice around.

it had been on a night out with friends. the four of them had been enjoying a night of freedom out of uniform, standing by the crosswalk and laughing at joon ha's horrible impression of a senior officer. over their shoulders, a loud shout sounded and as they turned around, a brawl began by the road.

caught between the shoves and punches, it wasn't surprising that someone was accidentally pushed into the road. but joon ha would never have thought that it would be saera.

it was the most horrifying noise he had ever heard. the sound of the speeding car colliding with her body, leaving her limp at the side of the pavement meters away. the drunkards who had been fighting ran off in panic as reality settled on the scene of the crime.

the car lights were flashing on the vehicle. the engine's hum stayed steady. joon ha sprinted to his girlfriend's side, trying to stop the bleeding with his bare hands. and before he knew it, the driver hit full speed and raced down the rest of the road, setting off the string of events that would cause joon ha's entire world to tangle.


+ saera fell into a coma following the accident. joon ha spent months trying to gather up enough evidence against the culprits, but much to his horror, all security cameras at the scene of the crime just so happened to be 'broken.'

+ unable to understand why the case wouldn't move forward, he spent months researching and running in and out of the station. he would later find out that the man who had caused the accident was none other than the ceo of a large business company, who had corrupt ties with judges and lawyers and everyone in between. soon after, joon ha dropped out of the academy and was consequently disowned from his family.

+ a year later, he found himself in a group of people that were as against the law as he was. joon ha had found a new group of friends that became family. jaded and pessimistic, joon ha no longer sought justice, but revenge.