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lemon is a present day, crime and city roleplay centered around a web of conspiracy, betrayal and a bizarre murder. some have been trapped in the lies - joining gangs, runaway juries and taking bribes - but most are just trying to get out or stay alive.
yeun si kyu
alias Xade.
pronouns he/him.
status Offline.
joined 12-March 18.
last seen Jun 15 2018, 03:41 PM.
. group bystander.
age 27.
occupation CEO.
hometown ATL, Georgia.
sexuality pansexual.
status promiscuous.
face claim Kim Jooyoung.
points 210.
Yeun Sikyu  
January 21st

Gold Sheep [East]
Aquarius [West]  

Polyamorous Pansexual

CEO of East Asia international hotel/resort chain Evening Primrose
Upper Class  
Private [business degree]

Black, wavy, medium short  

6'0" [183 cm.]  
132 lbs. [60 kg.]  

South Korea
English [native]
Korean [native]
Spanish [fluent]
French [fluent]
Japanese [moderate]
Chinese [moderate]
German [moderate]
Arabic [moderate]

Raised in the streets of Atlanta, Georgia, Sikyu grew up surrounded by a mix of different cultures. He had Black friends, Latino friends, Desi friends, Slavic friends, and more—a melting pot to call his own. The variety in friends allowed him to pick up several languages, studying them in his spare time, then using what he learned with them. Enriched by different peoples, he could often be seen hanging at music lounges of all kinds, singing and slapping the bass guitar for fun with a session band called Downtown Love. Sikyu quickly adapted to the nickname Zeke from peers who struggled say his name right, either from heavy accents or not understanding Korean pronunciation. A wild spirit through and through, Zeke found a love for connecting with people.

At a young age he picked up part-time jobs while in school to help his mom out with the finances. His father wasn't in the picture—some hotshot business mongol back in South Korea; a country he felt far from not just by miles, but in spirit too. It came as a surprise to everyone when his father returned when he was fourteen, speaking about how Zeke was his only heir to inherit Evening Primrose, a hotel resort for the filthy rich. It boasted celebrity guests the likes of BoA and Lee Byunghun, and even hosted foreigners, such as Justin Timberlake and Drake. When his dad gave him the ultimatum to live in Daegu with him to learn the business, Zeke's only condition was to take his mother with him.

The three of them flew across seas together and were given a modest house that was still more luxurious than anything they were use to. While learning how to run an international chain, Zeke was given private studies to heighten his education. It was a lonely, isolating lifestyle compared to what he was use to, but ever the good son, Zeke excelled. When he wasn't busy being a mini business tycoon, Zeke searched the nightlife for like-minded people, easily befriending rowdy youth of Daegu that didn't fit their parents bills.

Upon the age of twenty he was given Evening Primrose after his father fell ill. He soon learned the reason for his father's rush to give him the business was his father's battle with lung cancer. Zeke stepped into his father's shoes as if he was born for the role. His ideas to make it hipper, more fun, and appealing went over well with the executive board. Business boomed ever since Zeke took the reins. It was with a proud heart that his father lost the battle with cancer when his son was twenty-three.

To this day Zeke runs Evening Primrose intelligently with a flair only a young mind can provide. He takes care his mother on the side, making sure she wants for nothing. Although rumor has it that Evening Primrose allows shady characters within its walls, letting jopok and kkangpae alike reside within. Is Evening Primrose part of illegal dealings or does it turn a blind eye to the outlaws it houses?

One thing is for sure: the hotel resort is respected as neutral ground for all gangs large and small. Any feuds between clans are left outside the doors. The rule is: No spill blood.