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lemon is a present day, crime and city roleplay centered around a web of conspiracy, betrayal and a bizarre murder. some have been trapped in the lies - joining gangs, runaway juries and taking bribes - but most are just trying to get out or stay alive.
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 the rules
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permalink / Feb 24 2018, 06:24 PM quote
the rules
#1 please register your accounts in all lowercase surname first, spaces are required, unless you are using a western name. example: lee tae yong, or johnny lee. if you make a mistake or change your mind about your name, you can easily change it via the user control panel. there is no application! just fill out the miniprofile and profile completely and post in the face claims list to be sorted. you can check out the members list to check what names are being used.

#2 we'd like there to be some development for characters before rushing to make them. there is a limit of free character accounts. your first seven characters are freebies. if you would like more characters, you must wait for all your accounts to have 20 posts and purchase your next character through the pawn shop.

#3 no face claims or characters under the age of 18 are allowed on the board. please keep characters 4 years within the face claim's real age. -4 / +4.

#4 given the nature of the board, it's rating is M. please make sure to tag any mature or trigger material in your application, shipper, post. tag your thread title for in-character threads with M or TW.

#5 no godmodding but be reasonable if you are having interactions with a character that technically should be more influential or stronger than your own.

#6 obviously we want an active board without having to micromanage activity. if you have not posted in character in a communication thread or rp thread for 14 days your account will be considered inactive and your claims forfeit. away threads are only good for two weeks. if you will be away longer, please speak to an admin.

#7 golden rule. treat others with respect if you want to be treated with respect. this should be a fun experience, not a stressful one. if you are having issues that you cannot resolve on your own, please contact a staff member so we can try to mediate.

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