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lemon is a present day, crime and city roleplay centered around a web of conspiracy, betrayal and a bizarre murder. some have been trapped in the lies - joining gangs, runaway juries and taking bribes - but most are just trying to get out or stay alive.
lim tae yong
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tae yong groaned threw open a window to let in a bit of air though it felt more humid outside in the summer heat than inside. he hated the summer. he hated it the most out of all the seasons despite his fiery temper that matched with it heat waves. it struck a chord with people. many felt taken aback with how bluntly he spoke. while other prefered throwing their fists in an attempt to silence him.

a woman in her late thirties danced around swaying her him to an imaginary beat. seducing the poor fools with such whimsical behavior. his mother had become one of the most sought after ladies of the night in her time. She drew in customers from all over the area, luring them to by drink after drink and spilling secrets that no stranger should ever be so eager to spill. and if she liked them enough they were allowed to spill much more than that, but for a price. nothing in life came free and she made sure to be the most expensive guilty pleasure these men and women could have. most believed that this woman held no worries but none noticed the small boy that would hide beneath the counter on the opposite side of the bar. while his mother worked the madam kept a watchful eye on him.

No one could tell how much she despised him. tae could tell. he could feel each and every single time she would seeth in his direction after dragging herself in at a ridiculous hour. she never showed her frustrations to anyone, at least not to those that didn’t know her well. many couldn’t tell that her laughter was a disguise to cover her cries. only one man knew. she hated that he knew her and he felt sad that she knew him. she loved him but she wouldn’t settle down with him and he choose to marry a lawyer, leading a life that barely brought any excitement to him. The man lived a pitiful life. That’s how she told the story to tae yong in drunken slurs who would bury his small face against the folds of her belly. she didn’t push him away then. “don’t be like that man. don’t become pitiful.”

tae yong was a product of their weakness for each other but he looked so much like her that no one questioned about his father’s whereabouts. unsurprisingly, the two of them ran off together come tae’s tenth birthday, but didn’t bring him along. they couldn’t be happy with him dragging them down. but boy had he been determined not to grow up pitiful. he might have taken his mother’s heeding words too much to heart out of spite. bold and almost fearless when it came to expressing himself. For some it rubbed others the wrong way. the madam, who’d taken over raising him, was often complained to about taking control of the young boy. but he never set out to disrespect anyone. he didn’t feel he needed to hold his head down. Even when it came to a losing fight he would take the blows after gifting a few of his own. even when he wound up on the ground laughing hysterically with a busted lip and an eye swollen shut “Crazy, bastard. You’ll die one day.” they threatened him so much that it made his laughter carry on for days.

it hasn’t changed much now. leading the same profession that his mother did though he went to work for another after the old madam passed on. he didn’t have enough to take over her business although he tried to fight for the rights, she’d written it in her will that all belonged to him but her underlyings had a greedier idea in mind. he’s bitter at times for a damned good reason but he makes up for it in the pleasure he gives to his customers. as long as they pay him in full it didn’t matter. after all… there was nothing in life that was free. what life could he really lead? so he might as well take the money.