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lemon is a present day, crime and city roleplay centered around a web of conspiracy, betrayal and a bizarre murder. some have been trapped in the lies - joining gangs, runaway juries and taking bribes - but most are just trying to get out or stay alive.
kang shi hyun
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' We've got a call about a breaking and entry apartment complex Keung gol gil, nam gu. Floor Seven, apartment ten. '

The call, sent a chill down his spine. It was the address, that stopped him dead in his tracks. As his hand held onto the small radio receiver, he struggled to answer back. It was his area, he needed to respond. He hesitated, but answered the call anyways. He never could have imagined just what he'd walk into.

He was still new, the most junior in his department. Finally, being let off his ball and chain, just a bit. While he had his eyes set on becoming a detective, he knew he had to do the grunt work first. However, that one call changed the course of his life.

Kang Shi Hyun, found his girlfriend of three years dead. Dead on the floor. Dead, gone, the blood. It still lives in his mind. The sight of her, in a night shirt. The stove still on from her cooking. The phone, mere inches way from where she lay. It was too much to process, So much so that his fellow workers made him leave. He regretted it, he wished he would have at least got to hold her one last time.

They were set to get married, they had it all planned up. The two of them were working hard, to save up enough money to pay for a nice wedding. Something that both of them had wanted for so long. Shi Hyun and her were high school sweet hearts. It'd always just been the two of them. Their parents, work-a-holics, were more than willing to pass their child off to the other. They were barely adults, but they were figuring it out.

Shi Hyun had always been a bright light within this shitty town. He favored it really, didn't think that the people were so bad. He gave people the benefit of the doubt, always willing to go the extra mile to make someone smile. To bad this world sucked it right out of him.

Shi Hyun started to drink, a lot. It was something that seemed to put him asleep, and leave him without dreams. Without the liquid elixir. He was left with nightmares, although he moved out of the apartment. He has his own small one room, still boxes in the corner of the apartment. He finds himself sleeping at his desk at work, or in the holding room.

Since he'd put his head down and started working, he has finally become a detective. He has set his sights on catching the one who did this to her. There were very few leads, none amounting to much. But the boxes and boxes of information from the case, are stuffed in the back of his car, and his apartment. He is set on it, and wont let it go until he catches him.