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lemon is a present day, crime and city roleplay centered around a web of conspiracy, betrayal and a bizarre murder. some have been trapped in the lies - joining gangs, runaway juries and taking bribes - but most are just trying to get out or stay alive.
lilah lee
alias joy.
pronouns she/her.
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. group bystander;a.
age 24.
occupation resident doctor.
hometown daegu.
sexuality pansexual.
status single.
face claim Jennie Kim.
points 270.
Lilah never had a complaint about growing up in Texas, in fact she found the surroundings much more accommodating than those she would have had in Seoul. Not long after her first birthday, her parents sent her to live in america with her fathers sister. Lilah never found her parents to be respectable people, even though they were quiet respectable in their business Lilah knew little of them personally and never quiet cared to learn more about them after her Aunt told her they rarely called to check in on her, or even send birthday gifts. It was just a yearly check to go towards Lilah's schooling and the 'cost of raising' her.

Despite the fact that she was pretty unwanted by her parents, she had a happy childhood. One with her cousins that caused her to laugh and even cry at times. She was pretty normal for the most part, studying well to get into school and live a good life with her small little family. While it wasn't perfect Lilah was happy, but happiness doesn't always last and in Lilah's case it was destroyed when she was just 17.

Her Aunt's car accident cause her life to flip, no longer having a happy home with flowers and music, it turned into a dull motion of eat, sleep, repeat. Her uncle never quiet had the fun gene and it wasn't that Lilah blamed him, he lost his wife..she did take fault in the fact that her two cousins had just lost their mother and it felt like Lilah was starting to take control of the household. Which is not what she wanted at all, so when she turned 18 she took the money in her account, which her aunt had been saving all this time and left.

Lilah finished out high school, mostly by staying with her friends but she managed to graduate with honors and when she considered her job in life, she knew with out a doubt she'd be a doctor. Lilah wanted to save people like her aunt, she'd do anything to be someone worthy of her aunts claim. Taking the exams on a whim Lilah was accepted into kyungpook national university, and she decided to leave Texas and come to Korea.

Six years later, Lilah is still studying, living in a small apartment between the hospital and the school. School and the life of a med student has changed Lilah, her cute exterior faded away and now she is often considered rude, even by the standards of those she works with now. Lilah is determined and focused to reach her end goal, a trauma surgeon. She has considered meeting her parents, but she hasn't really had the desire too, however she still allows the checks to be deposited into her account, what is she going to do, turn down the money?