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lemon is a present day, crime and city roleplay centered around a web of conspiracy, betrayal and a bizarre murder. some have been trapped in the lies - joining gangs, runaway juries and taking bribes - but most are just trying to get out or stay alive.
eum ye rin
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[ tw ] / child abuse, domestic abuse

❝ i was five and he was six
we rode on horses made of sticks ❞

⁙ you grow up broke in itaewon. your parents own a restaurant. you go to church on sundays. you're taught that if you pray, he will listen.

⁙ you have to study in the kitchen out back. when you're not doing homework, you scrub dishes. each time you break one, your father raps your knuckles.

⁙ your last year of elementary, a man lays face-down on the street on your way to school. you follow the river of blood into the gutter. he's pale and still. you're ushered away. is he dead?

⁙ you don't have a twelfth birthday. someone broke into the restaurant and ransacked it. the day proceeds as any other. you spend the night helping to clean up the mess.

❝ seasons came and changed the time
when i grew up, i called him mine ❞

⁙ you have your first kiss when you're fourteen. her lips are soft and taste like strawberries. you're caught. father yells. mother cries. they call a priest. the door is removed from your bedroom. you sleep on the floor for three months.

⁙ in the ninth grade an older male gropes you on the bus. you break his nose. the police do nothing. 'it happens' they say, 'you shouldn't go alone.' you pray for him to die.

⁙ at eighteen you graduate. you work in your parents restaurant instead. meet a nice young man. your parents are relieved.

⁙ the young man has a sister, she's even more attractive than her brother. she takes your virginity not long after he does. you don't even have to choose between them, the choice is obvious. you follow her into the heart of the city. a life of sin.

⁙ you both work and study. it's hard, but you're happy. you hold her while she sleeps and make love to her on sunday mornings.

⁙ you're quick to get your dream job out of university. your girlfriend is not so fortunate. does she resent you? you pepper her with kisses. her time will come, you're sure of it.

❝ that awful sound
bang bang, my baby shot me down ❞

⁙ she's distant. down-right cold some days. her works hours get longer. is she cheating on you? this is the first time she strikes you. it's not the last.

⁙ it gets worse. there's less remorse. it's your fault after all. decorated in bruises. you're a work of art. you should leave. you do... but you always go back. she threatens to end her life and you fall for it every time. she makes you come and tells you she'll do better.

⁙ you're caught drinking on the job. you're suspended. you're asked 'why?' you can't say. you're a cop. you should be able to defend yourself.

⁙ the final time you think you're going to die. your heels scrape against the floorboards as you try to struggle free from her grasp. the world goes black, body fighting for breath. the next day, you take your things and go. you won't be back.

⁙ a new life in a new city. you leave the past behind, taking comfort in strangers. you take in runaways like yourself, try to give them something better. but will it get better? you make no promises.